Sunday, 29 May 2011

Divine II–Divinos II

Hi my friends, I’ve been in London nearly all last week. All very nice..I have seen very nice things and went on my usual hunt of the perfect perfume..but not yet found it.
A long while ago I showed you some shoes from a lovely lady from France..Julie Pillet…and today, cos I like the children shoes she does so much…I want you to look at some more!
..I know you may be thinking out there that…what child is going to want these!.. we can always dream..
Hola amigos, Estuve en Londres casi toda la semana pasada, todo muy lindo, Vi cosas hermosas, y fui en mi usual busqueda por el perfume perfecto..pero no lo encontre.
Hace un tiempo les mostre zapatos para niños de una señora francesa llamada Julie Pillet…y hoy, por el solo hecho de que me encantan..quiero mostrarle unos mas.
…ya se lo que estaran pensando! Que chico se los va a querer poner!…bueno soñar no cuesta tanto..

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fromBAtoParis said...

Oh....I wish I had small children buy those shoes!! Guess I'll have to wait till my grandchildren...Not that I'm in a hurry for that ;D